Virtualbox: accessing localhost

I have a very new Windows 10 Pro virtual machine running.

I think I enough working for now, including dual monitors. I can not get thge printer to work as expected. Using the windows driver for my printer, I get a corrupted output on the printer. I have decided that since the printer can be used from the linux I am guessing that a new printer in this setup can be added using CUPS instead of the native windows driver for the printer.

If I understand things correctly, this requires a URL to the localhost of the linux host.

I can not ping the linux localhost from the windows virtual machine.

I have tried adding an additional network adapter pointing to the internal network in the settings, but this does not seem to allow access to the windows localhost.

Any help would be appreciated.

I come back to the issue a couple of hours later and suddenly pinging localhost from the windows VM now works. I was also now able to ping localhost from a non virtual windows box. This ping thing is false lead. If I find anything interesting, I will post it.

localhost is a self reference.

Hence a reference to localhost on windows will refer to the windows instance and localhost on Manjaro will refer to the Manjaro instance.

How you will access the printer depends on how it is connected to your system.