Virtualbox 7.02 image won't start after Update

Hi, I just updated my machine, including virtualbox.
Now it runs Virtualbox 7.02 on linux60 but the virtual machine (Windows 11 EFI) which just ran fine before the update won’t start.

I get following error message:

VM Name: Win11Ent-22H2-UNI

Failed to load the NVRAM store from the file (VERR_VFS_UNSUPPORTED_FORMAT).

Can’t attach Nvram Storage driver (VERR_VFS_UNSUPPORTED_FORMAT).

Result Code: NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0X80004005)
Component: ConsoleWrap
Interface: IConsole {6ac83d89-6ee7-4e33-8ae6-b257b2e81be8}

How can I resolve this issue? Deactivating EFI will let me start the machine, but then it says no bootable device.

Any help appreciated.

Did you reboot?

multiple times

For me (Manjaro host and guest), it helped to uninstall/reinstall Virtualbox and then install the current Extension-pack from here:

Before then, the encrypted VM didn’t prompt me for a password and just kept hanging there.

Maybe this can help for your problem, too?

solved it myself, thx to everyone involved

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