Virtual surround sink won't default to headphones

A few days ago I set up a virtual surround sink on my Manjaro install in order to take advantage of directional audio in games. The surround sink functions perfectly, but on reboot the sink always defaults back to outputting to my speakers, rather than to my headphones. This means I then have to open up QJackCtl to re-pipe the audio to my headphones. Does anyone know how to fix this?

How do you connect the virtual sink to the real sink? Do you use a loopback?

The virtual sink takes the normal surround sound inputs from an application and uses JConvolver to mix them down into a stereo mix. I will attach an image of the audio piping seen in QJackCtl.

This is how it looks after I’ve disconnected the surround sink outputs from the analogue output of my motherboard (Family 17h stereo output) and connected it to my headphones. I have to do this after every reboot and its a real pain.

Could you also post the config that you use to create the virtual sink?

Update: Fixed this issue by using the patchbay section of qpwpatch. To anyone who has the same issue, I would highly recommend it.

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