Virtual machine manager not working after adding gpu

Recently, I added my gpu to my qemu configuration in virtual machine manager

I also added my audio driver.

For some reason, when right clicking run (it would start before) it just does not turn on

Here is what it shows in terminal when doing virt-manager --debug: virt-manager --debug  ✔ [Sat, 18 S -

What do you mean by that - what did you “add” and how did you do that?

A virtual machine uses a virtual (virtualized) graphics card.

Real hardware (graphics card) can be passed through
and exclusively used by a virtual machine
if certain pre-conditions are met.
Look for “GPU pass through”

I’m using virt-manager (.org for website)

In the settings I added 2 PCI Devices, one for my nvdia gpu (its a rtx 2060)
and one for my audio controller called NVIDIA Corporation TU106 High Definition Audio Controller

Yes, I have an intel cpu so there is another graphics device left for the main machine

I searched for gpu passthrough and I believe it should work

I’ve verified my iommu working: com/en/virtualization/virtualbox/6.0/admin/pcipassthrough.html

and i’ve followed this: wiki.archlinux. org/title/Kernel_parameters#GRUB

so i believe that is good, problem is when I right click “run” in virt-manager
[Sat, 18 Sep 2021 08:58:27 virt-manager 4710] DEBUG (connection:482) conn=qemu:///system changed to state=Active

typing this just to show what happens after i right click win 10 it says the first line, nothing changes, and then a few mins later it shows the second message

[Sat, 18 Sep 2021 08:58:50 virt-manager 4710] DEBUG (vmmenu:230) Starting vm ‘win10’

[Sat, 18 Sep 2021 09:01:23 virt-manager 4710] DEBUG (engine:271) Tick is slow, not running at requested rate.

The documentation you cited is for VirtualBox
but it is probably essentially the same as for qemu/virt-Manager
for which the Arch references are here, I believe.

You should probably use these checks and instructions to get the pass-through working in virt-manager.
In the Windows guest OS you’ll then have to install the proper drivers, instead of the now present drivers for the virtual hardware.

I don’t know whether this can even work for the real hardware Audio controller.
In fact, I only have theoretical knowledge of all this - and very limited at that - because I do not have hardware capable of that and thus never could even try to get it to work personally.

Someone with experience might be able to help you further here - I can’t.
Good luck!