Virtual Keyboard only when type cover not attached

I’m running KDE Plasma on Wayland on my Surface Go 2. Most things are working really well. The only thing haven’t been able to figure out is how to get the virtual Keyboard to stop popping up when I have the type cover keyboard attached. I’m using the Maliit virtual Keyboard.

Consider using onboard instead; maybe that’s easier to configure.

This happens even when you have automatic touch mode enabled?

If it doesn’t work with automatic mode, try to manually disable touch mode when you connect the physical keyboard.

Yeah, I’ve got Automatically enable as needed for touch mode.
(tried to upload a pic, but apparently i can’t do that yet)
Good idea on the manually changing it. It’s not ideal, but better than what is currently happening. I added a widget on the task bar to turn the virtual keyboard off and on. :slight_smile:

I installed onboard, but it isn’t an option in the Virtual Keyboard settings.

No, it’s not. Onboard is standalone; launch it with the .desktop file or via the System Menu.