Virtual Desktops Cube Animation Gone After System Update?


Updated Manjaro KDE today and now the desktop cube animation is gone?
(animation that plays when switching virtual desktops)

Any ideas?


Plasma 5.23 no longer has the cube animation.

Alas, but there is hope it’ll return. :crossed_fingers:

But why was it removed?

Looks like the devs at KDE are and same as Gnome they know more about what the users want than the users.

No, the KDE developers know better what the users want than the users. The GNOME developers don’t even give a rodent’s tail end about what the users want. :smiling_imp:

I have to agree with you there 100%.

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They claim it was to further the stillborn Wayland. That is the whole reason for removing it and Coverswitch. Wayland is a lost cause and i wish people would quit wasting their time with it. That is my own opinion though. Despite the fact the code was solid, and it was very low resources. They now seem like they are just like gnome devs now. I keep hearing they are just volunteers and just contribute their free time. We do too, by using it and trying to make it better. Many of us use our desktops for work and play. I just dont know anymore. I was on XFCE before i broke it and went back to Plasma… just 3 weeks ago… just in time for stuff i used get removed.

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Although I’ve no longer been using the desktop cube animation for a while, I second this request: Please don’t actually remove it! The last thing an user wants to deal with, alongside running into any major bugs, is features they enjoy going away because someone wise thought it’s too obscure to matter. Code cleanness and optimization is a great target to go by in everything, but I strongly believe it must be done without removing entire features with no alternative in place.

A bonus thought: This might be a good chance to implement a new and even better desktop cube. I always thought it would be nice if we could have proper 3D effects for windows, such as being able to drag them in full 3D space like sheets of paper. It would be a different feature and unrelated to this discussion, but goes well with the thought of putting something better in place if an older alternative felt less than optimal.

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because it doesn’t look like MS windows with the cube effect and KDE looks more like the boring windows 8/10 now thanks KDE for taking the fun out of Linux.

Not to be a devil’s advocate ─ I miss the cube effect too ─ but does this even remotely look like any version of Microsoft Windows to you? :arrow_down:

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The article from KWin dev that gives some history and reasons. tldr this code is old and hard-to-maintain.

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wow just buttons looks like windows but how did you configure this and themes are you using?

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  • The Plasma theme ─ i.e. the panels and widgets ─ is Opal.
  • The window decoration is Mojave Dark Aurorae.
  • The application theme is Glow Mojave Dark ─ it’s a kvantum theme.
  • The icon theme is WhiteSur.
  • The mouse pointer is from the oxygen-cursors-extra package from the AUR.
  • The font is Noto Sans ─ should be installed by default.
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PLENTY of other effects to make Plasma COMPLETELY different in layout from Windows. Then there is the biggest benefit the stability of a Linux OS over Windows.

Aragorn is correct we have features in Dolphine muchless other file managers that Microsoft could of incorporated into Windows Explorer and chose not to. Someone actually created OldNewExplorer and StartIsBack to address some of the design mistakes Microsoft has made. I’ll be honest the default theme and wallpaper KDE likes is garbage in my book, but just like Manjaro did they are easily changed.

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Cube Desktop was the best effect ever and I hope developers vill return it back.

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