Virtual desktops : change automatically when lauching an app

Hi everybody,

Thanx to the forum’s members i learned, a few weeks ago, to launch a specific app on a specific virtual desktop.
For exemple, when i launch firefox, it always open on the fourth virtual desktop.
But, something’s missing in my daily use. If i’m on the first virtual desktop, for exemple, and if i lauch firefox, i’d like to move automatically to fourth virtual desktop.
Is it possible?

I hope i was clear for everyone…
Thanx in advance.

You can use “Windows Rules” to configure where an app should show it’s window like you already found out but…
There is no way to make such rules to also move your active view into that desktop/activity for a reason :wink:
(Imagine some app with bad intentions to create such a configuration and lock you to that screen, it would make you unable to do anything else…)

Ok, i see your point.
Thanx for your answer.

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