Virtual consoles are unresponsive

I’m running in Xorg with the qtile window manager. Other than the window manager I haven’t changed much from the i3 community install. I’m on the 6.3 kernel with proprietary nvidia drivers.

I’m having a weird problem in which my virtual consoles (ctrl-alt-Fn for n != 7) all appear unresponsive. I see the single line from my boot log

/dev/nvme0n1p2: clean xxxxx files xxxx blocks

which to me looks like some routine reporting on my / partition that showed up on boot, but otherwise it is completely unresponsive. I see exactly the same thing on all the virtual consoles except where Xorg is running. I have a bad feeling this is something nvidia-related, any ideas?

Everything inside Xorg is working just fine, I would just like to feel like my virtual consoles are working.

Hm …
Maybe you can try starting one manually?

systemctl start getty@tty8.service

(assuming of course you use the default implementation of getty… if you dont you’ll know what I mean)