Virtual Box Basic Host configuration

I just stumbled upon that article

and my question relates to the “Basic Host configuration”
I registered the user to the group vboxusers with

$ sudo -s
# usermod -a -G vboxusers $USER

instead of

$ sudo gpasswd -a $USER vboxusers

as it is mentioned in that article.

Is my command correct and what is the actually the difference?
Thank you for an explanation.

This is two ways of achieving the same goal - that is, adding a user to a specific group - so there’s no difference in the end result.

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I’m not saying that the other posters are incorrect, but the way I read what you want to do is that you want to share the folder on the Host where the USB drive is mounted, not directly mount the USB drive on your Guest. To use the VBoxManager Shared Folders you need to be a member of the “vboxsf” group (the virtual box shared folders group).
If that is the case, the instructions on the website you visited were ‘almost’ correct. The command is:

sudo gpasswd -a $USER vboxsf

Then you can use the navigation functions of the VBoxManager Shared Folders to go to your mount point on the host and mount the contents of your USB that you mounted on the host.

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Thank you for that additional information about a direct/indirect way of mounting to the host/guest.

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