Virtual Box and Pinebook Pro

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well.

I’m very new to using a Linux System and wondered if you could help me with something.

I’m trying to download and install virtual box on my Pinebook Pro Manjaro but at every attempt I have failed miserably.

Is it possible that someone can give me a step by step newbie guide on how to install and use Virtual Box please.

Many thanks in advance

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I don’t think it’s possible on arm.

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Nop, an ARM processor cannot virtualize X86 / X86_64

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Impossible request. Only x86 architecture is supported.

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vmware esxi on raspberry pi:

I don’t know if want to use x86 code.

I have similar issue. When i run sudo pacman -Syu virtualbox that I find at Manjnaro site for virtual box.I get:

 core is up to date
 extra is up to date
 community is up to date
 error: target not found: virtualbox

How can I do virtual machine on this? When i do uname -srm I get Linux 5.8.14-1-MANJARO-ARM aarch64

PS - I got an error, you cannot include links in your post? What the? Why cannot I not post a link?

Thanks for feedback everyone, Much apprectiated!

Through alot of hard research I managed to download and install Virtual Machine Manager alongside Qemu and I’m finally getting to the point whereby I am almost able to create my own Virtual Desk Top, But once again I have stumbled along another hurdle. BTW If anyone has the Virtual Machine Desktop I would be grateful for any advice that you can provide:

I click on FILE then NEW VIRTUAL MACHINE but the following warning appears “Failed to setup UEFI: Did not find any UEFI binary path for arch ‘aarch64’ Install options are limited.”

I fear that unless I can overcome this hurdle then my attempts at installing a virtual machine will come to a very sad end.

So far I am aware that the Pinebook Pro has no BIOS for me to enable (Which is a real shame) but how about a UEFI?

Many thanks in advance.

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