Virt Manager/KVM Killing my network card

I’ve recently started having a bunch of issues with a Windows10 VM with a GPU pass through. Besides the GPU passthrough and CPU core pinning, there isn’t any special configuration. I haven’t changed anything, just started having several issues

I have a 10gbe QNAP (Aquantia) card I use for networking. On the VM side I just use “default” NAT network interface. As of late, once the VM starts hitting the network with transfers, the card just shuts off. It’s still visible to Host and the VM but even the connection LEDs on my switch shut off. I can’t get the card working again until I reboot the host. I never see this issue when the VM is down.

I’ve also started having issues with an NVME drive I connect over USB3. I usually just plug it in while the VM is focused and it grabs the drive. Lately Windows sees the drive but just flakes out and won’t read or write to it. Manjaro has no issue with the drive.