Virt-Manager has no grouping for VM's?

It seems that all VM’s of same type (QEMU/KVM) are listed in a plain one-dimensional list. So, Virt-Mananger has no grouping feature, or is the setting hidden somewhere? I mean, I only have a few VM’s now, but what if someone has tens of VM’s? VirtualBox and Vmware had grouping and this should not be a difficult feature to implement, so if there is no grouping, I wonder why this feature has not been added.



The idea has been rejected multiple times. Feel free to argue with the red hat people about it.

one of the first:

last one I could find on github:

Some other rejected ideas:

Damn. I don’t understand the developers’ arguments that it would require UI change that affects a lot of things. It is not on by default, so people who don’t need grouping would not even see the difference. And I am not even an advanced user. At best, an intermediate user and most likely a beginner user. Still, I need some sort of grouping when I have 10+ VM’s. I mean, I don’t run all 10+ VM’s constantly, but when I am testing a thing, I could create a few VM’s, so it could easily be over 10+. Is that a rare use-case?

Anyway, since it has been explicitly rejected, arguing with the developers would be waste of my time. I guess, I will create my own launcher or something.

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