Virt-filesystems: command not found


Recently I switched to Manjaro, but I still need from time to time work with some windows only programs, so I decided to use QEMU/KVM with virt manager and so far everything was fine except after installing libguestfs using sudo pacman -Sy libguestfs I noticed that there is no virt-filesystems command. I also checked if I installed something wrong, but guestmount is an avalible command so I don’t why that one is not working.

Also except that I got stuck a little bit at networking, while I managed to get internet working in my windows VM, it was using NAT which is not the most comfortable configuration for the task I will need it to do, so I tried configuring it to Bridge but it just throws Error starting domain: Cannot get interface MTU on 'win10vm': No such device.

Thanks in advice!

Should familiarize yourself then how to properly update/install packages and how not to do it.

Well, there is no virt-filesystems binary in that package. (or in any package in repo)

This has nothing to do with libguestfs package. I’d start by reading archwiki pages on libvirt, virt-manager and QEMU.

So… How do I install it?
Everywhere I try to search they just install show to install libguestfs and I don’t know how to get that command.

I told you already. Why do you even need it?

Where? What?

Who? Why?

What are you trying to achieve with it? Again, why do you need it?

I need virt-filesystems to edit contents of the disk in my virtual machine, and no you didn’t told me how to install it.

It appears you want to mount virtual disk images.

These two references might help:

guestmount(1) — Arch manual pages

VirtualBox - ArchWiki

Since the package libguestfs doesn’t provide the guestfs-tools anymore, you can’t install it form the normal repository. There is an AUR package that provides the tools and is called guestfs-tools , but it is know for build problems. You might not be able to install it.

But as @Nachlese said, try guestmount. It is part of the libguestfs package.

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