Vim copying to clipboard not working (.vimrc in place)

I have in my ~/.vimrc the following:

"Import defaults.vim from /usr/share/vim/[VIM_VERSION]/
scriptencoding utf-8
if filereadable(expand(’$VIMRUNTIME/defaults.vim’))
unlet! g:skip_defaults_vim
source $VIMRUNTIME/defaults.vim

"Config keyshorts for copy and paste
noremap <C-S-c> "+y
noremap <C-S-v> "+p
noremap y "+y
noremap p "+p

the "+y seems map right but is is not going to the clipboard

I have Gvim installed but still copying from vim to clipboard is not working, who has an idea?

have you tried :set clipboard=unamedplus ?

i tried: “:set clipboard=unnamedplus”, no effect

i also tried: “set clipboard^=unnamed,unnamedplus”


What version of vim do you have ??
Open vim and check if its compiled with +clipboard option, :version and press enter.
I also have the setting that @gandalf mentioned and it works.

If you have +clipboard then try without

Open blank .vimrc and write these

" For Vim iMproved
set nocompatible

" For encoding
" The encoding displayed.
set encoding=utf-8

" The encoding written to file.
set fileencoding=utf-8

" For global file formatting
set fileformats=unix

" Set copy and paste from/to vim, e.g vim --> browser, browser --> vim
set clipboard=unnamedplus

" Set backspace key to delete lines
set backspace=indent,eol,start

[EDIT 2] :slight_smile: Sorry about this

Am when you set clipboard=unnamedplus you no longer need this

You just use regular y and p for copying and pasting
Ex. You copy from browser with Ctrl + c you paste in vim with p or P
and vice versa.

tried this with vim and gvim, and no luck.

should i do this with vim or gvim? if i manually do "+ it also does not work

copying from browser to vim works, its the other way around that doe not work

For me it works in both.

Copy with y or Y and in browser paste with Ctrl + v it must work…
I can’t think of a reason why it would not. :man_shrugging:

Try disabling plugins if you have any and see if that changes anything…

You should only have one .vimrc it works for vim and gVim.

It worked in the past, but now it stop working after a reinstall of manjaro

I installed linux mx and not its all working


Tnx for marking my answer as solution. I think it should also work under manjaro as well.
Maybe reinstall of vim and gVim could have been the answer.

Thanks nevertheless…


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