Viewnior - Set as Wallpaper doesn't work for XFCE *Solution = Ristretto*

“Even though I have set the desktop to XFCE in the preferences “Set as Wallpaper” doesn’t work.”

Can Manjaro XFCE solve this problem?

Last stable version here (Manjaro XFCE). This “error” was also in the older stable versions.


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Seems like there is a fix for that:

The first step would be to check if the fix is actually working. Here is the PKGBUILD for it: One would need to add an sed line or a patch implementing the fix. If it works, post a positive review in the github pull request to get it merged faster.

It can be also fixed at packaging level, but it’s always easier to get it fixed upstream. :slight_smile:

Worst case scenario, you can still change your wallpaper from the Xfce Settings.


Solution = Ristretto.

I think that Ristretto should be installed by default in MJRO XFCE.


Good tip!

This bug was fixed in Viewnior 1.7 released May 13. viewnior-git 1.7.r2 is in the AUR. It will probably be in official arch repos soon enough.

Thunar has ‘set as wallpaper’ right-click menu option for images

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