Pinebookpro new user information

I was just messing around trying to put a new manjaro image on my pinebookpro and was thinking about documentation.

Pine64 is currently taking orders for the manjaro edition of the pinebookpro for delivery at the end of the month and I couldn’t find a quick start guide for new users. Can anyone point me to where the new users are expected to go first for pinbookpro specific information? Also, what does the funnel or trail of breadcrumbs look like to get them there?

Looks like we have a place: Manjaro-ARM Wiki

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Just created that page ~1 hour ago.

Suggestions for inclusion are welcome … likely at that thread.

Most of the general wiki is applicable - such as tuning KDE, etc.
But it would be nice to build a good repository for arm-specific information.

Yea, I was just thinking of writing a quick explainer for how to flash fresh images on the devices along with links to the the release posts.

You mean, kind of like this?

Yup, thanks Strit!