Viewing the title column of an audio file in Dolphin and VLC media player

Hello, I’m still very much a novice in Linux in general; so, this may be a stupid question. I’m using KDE Plasma.

I have a collection of audio lectures in mp3 format that I’m pretty certain were made using a version of Windows operating system. If I open them on a machine running that OS, the file explorer displays the title column. In Dolphin, that column appears to be unavailable. However, when viewing the audio files in VLC media player, the title column is available after the file has been selected. However, when selecting a file to open from within VLC, the title is not displayed.

The issue is that the name column contains only a number and the descriptive information is in the title column. Thus, when looking for a particular lecture one has to guess based off the number in the name column.

The question is, can the title column be displayed in Dolphin and/or VLC when selecting a file to open?

Thank you.

You can enable in Dolphin the Information/Preview panel by pressing F11 and some stuff can be revealed there … or use Details mode by pressing Ctrl+3 and once in that view, you right click on the top column separators, and for Audio you enable more options that are relevant for you. Not sure if there is a corespondent for Title tho … not sure Track does that …


For VLC you can also right click on the column separator and activate more options there


Those columns will always be visible once activated.


@bogdancovaciu above has the solution.

But for future reference, here’s the Dolphin Documentation Information in the View. There is also Preview in addition to columns.

KDE has some of the nicest documentation (Application Handbooks). It’s online and baked into all their applications, under the menu Help.

Side note: exiftool comes in handy to view and manipulate metadata for many file formats and from the command line.

# display all metadata
exiftool -all FileName


the information panel you get with F11 allows you to right click on it and enable additional fields to display as well.


Thank you. In Dolphin’s Information/Preview panel the Title is displayed; however, it does not appear as an option when right click on the column headings in Details mode under Audio.

In VLC when viewing a playlist the Title is displayed but when right click on the column headings Title isn’t an option.

I’m either missing something basic or it’s not currently possible, which seems odd since the information is stored and displayed in other views.