Viewing all commits at git for a file (pacnew)

I was reading this archived forum entry about .pacnew files.

I use: DIFFPROG=meld pacdiff
And make any changes in another terminal. meld will recognize the file changed and you can reload. I always copy a configuration file to either file.install or file.YMD, before making a change.

I added to pacman.conf:
NoUpgrade = .bashrc etc/pwd etc/group etc/shadow etc/bash.bashrc

Is there a way to view all commits or history for a file in a project at when packaged by manjaro?

I assume we go to Arch Linux · GitHub if the maintainer is arch.

And last, we’d go to the applications source page.

Is there a way to display the repository (core, extra) via pacman or other?
pacman -Qi doesn’t contain it. It would make it easier to find it in git (I think).

No need for .bashrc. pacman isn’t supposed to touch anything in $HOME.

pacman -Sl <repo>

I added it after it was touched :slight_smile:

That’ll do the trick, but I’ll add a grep to it, pacman -Sl | grep meld .
The -Qi doesn’t show this info.

no ! pacman no write in home, and you can run pacman -Fx "bashrc" :wink:

if you want changes of your .pacnew, you can create your git repo:
create repo

mkdir ~/.local/share/pacnew.git/
cd ~/.local/share/pacnew.git/; git init
#git push # in private repo if you want web diff

after all update, before merge, save change in local repo

cd ~/.local/share/pacnew.git/
cp -f $(find /etc -name "*.pacnew") ~/.local/share/pacnew.git/
git add -A
git commit -am "$(date) pacman update"
git push # in private repo if you want web diff

after a rotation, we have the upstream difference between 2 “pacnew”


I’ve seen the /root/.bashrc replaced. Obviously not in /home. :thinking: