Video thumbnails missing in Files (Nautilus)

I reinstalled Manjaro Gnome recently and went for the minimal ISO instead of the full install. Read around the forums to download and install ffmpegthumbnailer but I still can’t see thumbnails. It once tried to do so but only a few where made and tinted green but I did a reinstall of ffmpegthumbnailer with sudo pacman -S ffmpegthumbnailer and nothing yet, any ideas?

Hi @Raik,

Do you have totem movie player installed?

If not, install it and see if it helps:

pamac install totem

If you do, then check for failed entries in


…and if there are, delete the fail folder.

Hope this helps!


In my videos, thumbnails are only made for locally stored files. Not those in cloud or network storage. So that may be a factor.

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And it is also adjustable:

  • from which file extensions thumbs are created
  • whether only local files are taken into account
  • the maximum size of the files

Thanks a lot for the help. @Mirdarthos indeed, deleting the fail folder made it refresh. Thanks for everything and have a great day ya’ll

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