Video-thumbnails in Thunar

How can I make Thunar show a thumbnail of ALL videos? So far it is displayed only from very small files. In KDE I have installed ffmpegthumbs for this purpose and activated in Dolphin. But in Xfce (Thunar) I don’t want that, because of the many KDE dependencies.

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is tumbler installed

I remember from the past, that thumbnails would only be generated unconditionally, when the files where locally stored.
If they where on a removable medium or on a network storage, the thumbnails would only be created if the file size was at or below a configurable maximum.
… to avoid too much traffic or too much lag and disk IO, presumably.
This threshold was configurable.


yes …

Go to
in the section video thumbnailers set
…reboot needed


… that’s what I found, too
but in the past, this was configurable from the user accessible GUI
not anymore, it seems

but, thanks to this question,
now I, too, know how to adapt that
should I ever need it.

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