Video streaming drains CPU


I’m not a noob or a pro… i’m somwhere in the middle…
so… whenever i boot up something like zoom or use a streaming service like youtube or stremio my CPU heat spikes and as much as 75% of CPU is used. It’s been 2 months since i completely switched to linux. i never used to face this much of an issue while using streaming services in windows.

is there anyway that i can make this a bit more CPU friendly in manjaro?

thank you!

You’re using a program and you’re wondering about that this program is actually running? I don’t understand your problem.

no, the programs work fine but my CPU heats up too much.
this didn’t happen as much in windows.
i wanted to know if i can somehow decrease CPU usage when video streaming services are running.

Video decoding is a heavy task for a general CPU. In browsers or video players, there is often the possibility of offloading this task to the GPU (the Archwiki is full of explanations for browsers).
Zoom is a proprietary software so you could complain to them.

There is the possibility of CPU undervoltage or underclocking which will reduce power consumption. But it might lead to stuttering video.

is there a possibility of me installing a different video decoder that doesn’t use as much power?

No. Maybe zoom has an option to reduce the quality? Or only show the presetator instead of all videos of all participants.

forget zoom.
What do i do with youtube and stremio?

Check here how to setup hardware acceleration Hardware video acceleration - ArchWiki

i don’t have a GPU

Of course you have, otherwise you have no visual output.

i have an integrated graphics i3