Video playing color weird in Firefox 106

Colors are wrong when playing video in Firefox 106
I’m using Manjaro KDE Plasma on Raspberrypi4
Video can be played, but the color is always wrong.
Same environment, chromium and vivaldi are fine.
Tried a fresh install, same thing.
Nothing change after refreshing Fireox.
Tried with multiple SDs and SSDs, searched the web and no information.
Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

This seems to be a long standing bug since 22.2 release:

Which seems to have been recently fixed with in their main branch and is scheduled to be included in 22.2.4 upstream:

I’m currently building Mesa with this fix included. Our mesa-git package was also updated today, so you can try installing that and see if that fixed it for you. Version 23.0.0_devel.162810.ae76bba34a8-1 has the fix included.

mesa-git work, thanks.

Great. Will build mesa 22.2.3 with the fix and push it to all branches then.

Just uploaded. Should be an update when your mirrors sync.

Thank you for quick response.
The mesa.git is the solution.
On Manjaro, by Add/remove software, found 23.0.0_devel.162810.ae76bba34a8-1 as official repository.
Install it will solve the weird color.
Thank you for your useful support.

Mesa 22.2.3-0.1 in the repo, should also solve it.

Up to date, work on odroid m1 lxqt and c4 lxqt.