Mesa-22.2.1-1-aarch64 causing Firefox video colour corruption

Raspberry Pi4 running Manjaro 64 bit Testing.
mesa-22.2.1-1-aarch64 causes Firefox video to have incorrect colouring, missing red with pink lines. Chromium OK. Fixed going back to mesa-22.1.7-1.1-aarch64.

22.2.3 bug fixed

  • nouveau: Updating to Mesa*22.2.0 makes videos have corrupted colors in Firefox

That fix is specific to the nouveau driver, i.e., to NVidia GPUs. Hence, it does not apply to the Raspberry Pi’s Broadcom GPU, which most likely still exhibits the bug.

Actually, it looks like the driver that applies to the Raspberry Pi 4 has also been fixed (though not in 22.2.3, the fix will be in 22.2.4):

And according to:

the fix should already be available (backported to 22.2.3) in Manjaro.

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Update applied and now all good - thanks for the excellent support.

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