Video editor for linux

are there any good free and open source video editors for linux?

Hello, I never used any, but I often heard of Kdenlive.

Openshot is very nice, i used it myself and realy liked it. Saying so i am not a pro but it is more then enough to do some video tutorials or little clips. It is intuitive and easy to use.
I cannot include links in my message but you will find it easily, it is in arch repositories and it has a nice web page. Just type “openshot video editor” in your search engine. Cheers
edit: Now I can put a link :slight_smile:
Openshot home page
I really recommend it. Cheers

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I’ve used some of the basic functions of shotcut, seems pretty decent. Hasn’t done anything serious though, so I can’t say how well it holds up.


I have avidemux and vidcutter here. I am not a regular user of such software.

great one man it is cool

I prefer Shotcut, you really should give it a try… much easier to handle as Kdenlive.

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I recommend kdenlive, even better than proprietary video editors like Filmora and others, other open-source video editors are out of the comparison for this reason.

Edit: Here’s the link Kdenlive | Libre Video Editor

I have used KdenLive, one of the best.
Here have some tutorials (in portuguese). KdenLive Curso | LivreLabs

I mainly use browser-based video editors for example fastreel that have all the necessary functions for video editing. I make collages and video presentations for my work in the field of design, and this is enough for me.

I don’t get the reasoning behind this. Can you elaborate on this further please?

Video editors are handy, especially now than every other blogger. I love to post various cool videos that I’ve been editing in a video editor for a long time. I remember downloading videos was a huge problem in the past. I had to download some programs with a complicated interface. And now it is enough to download any video from YouTube in good quality with one click using the converter This platform not only allows you to choose different formats but also provides a high download speed. As for me, it is the best free download tool you can use to get free video clips from YouTube.

A great commercial cross-platform editor with a fully usable free version, a moderate price tag and a not too steep learning curve is blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve. If you buy one of their cameras you get the pro license for free.

The editor is under fairly heavy development and has an active community.

Hello @gcm4156,
the first recommendation is Kdenlive, and Shotcut is also very good.
DaVinci Resolve - yes, what do you say? This software is not opensource, meets the highest standards, but is quite difficult to get working, especially under Linux.
And if someone asks the question: “Which video editor should I use”, then I can say 100% sure that DaVinci is not the right one for you.