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I use Manjaro Cinnamon edition on a desktop. I installed Firefox as my browser (everything is fully up to date) In Firefox I installed (as an add-ons) Video DownloadHelper. To get full functionality it needs to also install the ‘Companion app 1.6.3’ When I click on the download link, I’m presented with 2 option:
Option 1 is for Debian, Ubuntu, .deb As I’m using the Cinnamon edition I though this is the one I need - but I could not install it.
Option 2 is for all other distribution, .tar.gz It gave some terminal command to install it, but that did not work - I could not install it.
I previously used this add-on in Linux Mint Cinnamon and I had no issues installing it.
Anyone used this add-on and companion app in Manjaro? If so could you please let me know how you installed it? Thanks

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vdhcoapp and vdhcoapp-bin are in the AUR (Arch User Repository).

You can install it system wide
or you can install it just for one (your) user account.
Description is here on how to do either one:

DownloadHelper - Video download browser extension

you need the tar.gz package for that

and as @Yochanan said - it’s in the AUR too - I tried to find it but failed to connect the dots between vdh and video download helper

AUR (en) - Packages

I used the tar.gz package from Download Helper as Nachlese explained. I’m using Plasma but I don’t think that matters.

The AUR package uses the programs that are already installed in the system (ffmpeg video and audio converters) while the coapp supplied by the extensions web page brings their own set of tools with them.

I have used that tar.gz from the extensions web site some time ago and from time to time the converters failed and it was necessary to re-install a recent version.
I think the AUR package is the better option - it’s easy to use and well integrated into the normal upgrade process.
Basically: install and forget and never have to deal with it again …

Thanks all for the help. I found it in Pamac - just 1 question: do I use the vdhcoapp or vdhcoapp-bin?

I come across that -bin on various packages. For my information/education what is the difference between a given package with vs without the -bin? Thanks

-bin PKGBUILDs don’t compile from source. They simply package up the executable, ready to go.

They require fewer (make) dependencies, and install faster since nothing is being compiled from source.

I usually lean towards -bin, since they require less and install faster.

Thanks ‘Winnie’ for the explanation of -bin, I will use them in the future

You want the bin it is what works.

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