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Hi folks, nice to be here :slight_smile:

I am actually looking for screen- and video capturing software for manjaro → for creating videos with myself talking OR explaining stuff on my screen.

I just tried OBS Studio, but it behaves extremely weird. (Camera capture darkened, you can’t see anything. Audio input either muted or completely distorted)

What do you guys recommend / use

thanks for help :slight_smile:


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@Breakfaster: Hello Kristian, welcome in the MANJARO-community! Have fun here …

For such purposes I’m using SimpleScreenRecorder. The package is available in the MANJARO repository.

For my understanding, the title Simple… is just correct: The software leads you through the settings and simply does what I want.

No longer true (sadly, but for some reason, i.e. missing maintainer). It is in the AUR now.
Actually available in the manjaro repo would be vokoscreenNG , kooha , peek .

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If audio is distorted in OBS it is likely to be distorted in other video/audio recording packages

I suggest turning on microphone monitoring in alsamixer (if available) to check if capture levels in ALSA are optimal
If monitoring of microphone is not possible arecord can create a test recording direct from ALSA source and parecord can record from PulseAudio
Or use Audacity to record from ALSA source and via Pulse plugin

I 've been using OBS Studio for a long time now and I had to switch to the Flatpack, since the regular package did no longer want to start.
So far I have no issues with the flatpak, recording works flawlessly with four audio streams, screen capture is perfect and also video capture from my webcam.

As nikgnomic suggested, please make sure that the audio levels are set correctly in pavcontrol, you might also want to check recording audio with audacity.
Please also bear in mind that there are programs like Zoom that have “automatic level” for the mic, this might mess up the audio levels for other programms.
I always disable these automatics.

Does your camera work fine in other programs like Zoom, Cheese or v4ltest? Do you use some other programs (Teams or the like) with some “video enhancements” activated?

Recently discovered this app: gpu-screen-recorder

A shadowplay-like screen recorder for Linux. The fastest screen recorder for Linux.
This is a screen recorder that has minimal impact on system performance by recording a window using the GPU only, similar to shadowplay on windows. This is the fastest screen recording tool for Linux.

This screen recorder can be used for recording your desktop offline, for live streaming and for nvidia shadowplay-like instant replay, where only the last few seconds are saved.

Have only tried it for a short screen recording (no audio), which worked fine. The only other application I have experience with is SimpleScreenRecorder, as mentioned by @mamicha.

AUR packages (backend en gtk-frontend) here.


thanks for all these suggestions

had to nurse yay first, made it work properly.

The gpu-screen-recorder seems to be a really nice tool, but “Error: your gpu does not support ‘h264’ video codec”. (AMD Radeon)

SimpleScreenRecorder made my day.

The mic distortion issue is somehow made by pulse-audio indeed. Switched to ALSA as suggested and it works fine.

Thanks you all



See link to there for instructions to add the repo.