Viber flatpak no audio playback

After the last Manjaro update and the last Viber update currently (
Voice messages no can no longer be played-back with the error in pic related.
Despite there are no audio being playedback, and this also made the “ringing” from incoming calls to be silent.
I tried changing the setting of the audio playback device but it didn’t solve it.
Any idea? or if someone had run into the same issue?

Hi @phelgm,

I see it is an AUR package:

$ pamac search viber
viber                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        AUR
Proprietary cross-platform IM and VoIP software

And AUR packages have to be rebuilt after every update:

pamac build viber

Not using it nor able to hear, I’m not able to offer anything else, so I hope it helps!

This will not present a problem in this case, because it just takes the viber.deb Debian/Ubuntu package and unpacks it … no compilation involved.

re the use and (mal)function of the flatpak I have no recommendation or idea - never in my life have I used flatpaks :man_shrugging:

Main download link on is for Appimage

Appimage starts up OK but I do not want to scan the QR code to verify my phone just to check if audio is working