VFD Clock on amlogic-s9xxxx

I think Manjaro ARM needs working vfd clock.
For the adventurous here is how to do that.



download “/usr/share/openvfd” directory and “/usr/sbin/armbian-led”.
I put all files in “/root/openvfd”, no subdir. Make “vfdservice” and “armbian-led” executable.
Change in “armbian-led” the openvfd_path to openvfd_path="/root/openvfd"



and unzip the dowloaded “openvfd.zip”.
Create a new kernel module:
CONFIG_OPENVFD=m make -C /lib/modules/uname -r/build M=$PWD modules
Copy the created “openvfd.ko” to “/usr/lib/modules/extramodules-YOURKERNEL”
Then “depmod -a”

At last you need to modify your dtb.
Decompile it and add openvfd paragraph before symbols like in this diff and recompile.

 		phandle = <0x32>;
+       openvfd {
+                compatible = "open,vfd";
+                dev_name = "openvfd";
+                status = "okay";
+        };
 	__symbols__ {
 		simplefb_cvbs = "/chosen/framebuffer-cvbs";
 		simplefb_hdmi = "/chosen/framebuffer-hdmi";

Reboot with the new dtb and run “/root/openvfd/armbian-led 17” if you have X96Air.
Otherwise run “/root/openvfd/armbian-led” and chose your box or just try them all if your box is not there.
(+ I think CoreElec forums have a lot of configuration files.)

Hopefully I did not forget anything and now the vfd should show hours:minutes.
Unfortunately after every kernel update “openvfd.ko” must be recreated.

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