Veth ethernet connections

$ nmcli device
DEVICE           TYPE      STATE                   CONNECTION         
eth0             ethernet  connected               Wired connection 1 
br-fa46bcd05aa7  bridge    connected (externally)  br-fa46bcd05aa7    
docker0          bridge    connected (externally)  docker0            
veth6566caa      ethernet  connected (externally)  veth6566caa        
vethd3f2c2a      ethernet  connected (externally)  vethd3f2c2a        
wlan0            wifi      unavailable             --                 
p2p-dev-wlan0    wifi-p2p  unavailable             --                 
lo               loopback  unmanaged               --                 

I am not sure what the 2 veth ethernet connections mean, should they be removed and how ? In the network manager profile, I only see one ethernet profile. So not sure where the others are coming from.

Stop and remove docker and the virtual Ethernet interfaces for your docker container are gone.

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