Very slow WiFi after recent update [Unstable Branch]

Hi all,

After a recent update (I’m on the unstable branch), I’ve noticed that the WiFi performance (especially on browser) has become extremely slow. Speedtest apps show that the connection itself is fine and has the same bandwidth, but browsing has become really laggy.

Is this happening to others as well ? Any idea why this could be?

I am running kernel 5.9.4-1 , on a HP x360 Pavilion laptop that uses a Realtek WiFi adapter (RTL8822BE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac)

Thanks in advance.

This maybe indicates a problem with your browser, dont you think?

In any case …

And in this particular case maybe provide some specifics to your situation such as …

  • which browser?
  • have you tried it in safe mode?
  • what extensions do you have?
  • what is the source of the browser? third party? repos? aur?
    et al


  • which browser?
  • have you tried it in safe mode?
  • what extensions do you have?
  • what is the source of the browser? third party? repos? aur?
    et al


I am using Brave browser as my primary browser. The issue persists in Chromium, Firefox and Chrome as well. I have Bitwarden, uBlockOrigin as the only extensions on Brave. No extensions on other browsers (downloaded only for testing). Safe mode did not fix the issue. Browsers were installed from Manjaro repos. Brave version is. (official release)

When I boot into Windows, I do not face the issue. That told me that it’s probably not the browser that’s the culprit. I have the exact same browser setup in Windows.

Thats not a useful comparison.
But this is:

So maybe lets see about the system and hardware and all:

inxi -Fazy

New update was available this morning. dhcpd and linux 5.9.6-1.

Applied the update and the issue seems to have vanished.

Hm. OK … either of those could be related. :sweat_smile:
But glad its working. :+1:

I have the same problem last days with the same Wi-Fi card on my debian Sid

Well at least I know now that I can roll back to an earlier state if it gets too annoying.

The latest update seems to have fixed it, but it’s still not as quick as it used to be a couple weeks back. Definitely much better though.

i fixed the problem with this ::

source: GitHub - tomaspinho/rtl8821ce

huh. thats an odd one. good catch there.

Thanks. Tried this as well. There’s marginal improvement.

However, there’s still a MARKED difference in page load times when compared with Windows. (same website, same browser - load time in Manjaro is at least 10 secs more)

Something’s just not right.

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I’m also facing the same issue but to it seems like a firefox issue as on chromium i’m getting good response time.

It’s on all browsers for me. Brave, Chromium, Chrome, Vivaldi, Firefox - all with the same problem.

I’ve also noticed that once the main page loads, the sub links are very fast to load. For e.g. takes over 15 seconds to load, but once open it is very fast to navigate threads and links within the page.

Same for a news site like Main page takes over 10 seconds to load, but once open individual articles load up really quickly.

Not sure what the issue is. I tried changing DNS but that didn’t help either.

15 sec is very high load time for me it’s 1-2 sec lag.

I was also having an issue with slow upload speeds (20Mbit/s) with an Intel AX200 wireless card and Kernel 5.10.2-2 and 5.9.16-1. When I installed LTS kernel 5.4.85-1, I had normal performance again (300+Mbit/s).