Very slow startup / shutdown on Plasma Wayland session

Recently KDE Plasma got its Wayland support stable enough to be usable and possible to switch to at last. While most things are working fine apart from small bugs I already reported to the KDE team, there’s something which may be Manjaro specific I wanted to ask about.

Can others confirm very slow login and shutdown times when using Plasma Wayland as opposed to Plasma X11? For me login takes at least 15 seconds longer… shutdown or reboot is even worse as the system remains frozen to the console for over one extra minute before finally proceeding.

I’m getting the exact same delays on two machines both running Manjaro KDE, thus it’s not just a fluke on one machine: Wayland is just extremely slow to startup and shutdown for some reason.

No general issues with boot or shutdown

A slow shutdown may - is - often caused by in memory data which needs to be flushed to disk. The RAM the system has the longer it may take to shut down.

I have seen - although rare - that appying a custom theme to cause sddm to have difficulties shutting down.

sddm is the first service to start and last service to close.

Also watchdog can be an issue.

I have this issue with shutdown, or rather restart when Pamac asked me to restart to apply changes.
It took a few minutes, but i just assumed it was doing something in the background for an update on what i just installed, i’m not sure if this is in any way connected to wayland.

It takes a couple of seconds for restart to “start” when programs are open (tested this with steam and mozilla open). But then it restarts normally. Maybe if i had more open programs it would take longer.

Startup is fine. I’d say the normal amount of time for a system to boot on an M2 drive, after all the bios stuff that needs to initialize first. Weird thing is, sometimes i get the grub menu (because it recognized a windows installation on the second disk), and sometimes it just directly boots into Manjaro… Weird.

Anyway… Are you sure you weren’t installing something that needed a restart?

The system taking longer to shut down after an update is a different thing, I noticed that too a rare couple of times. This seems to happen constantly and only on Wayland session: Login is about 15 seconds longer (stuck on splash screen), shutdown about a minute (black console after logout, usually prints the blocks clear line or watchdog message or “received signal, shutting down now”). If for instance I immediately reboot after booting to the login screen but without logging in, the restart is almost instant… if I logged into an X11 session instead it only waits a few extra seconds to power off.

I can reproduce the issue of shutdown only when using SDDM and Plasma Wayland

How to check the issue of shutdown:

  1. Remove quiet and splash in Grub config → GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT
  2. Run sudo update-grub
  3. Reboot
  4. Start shutdown to see the log if SDDM process cannot be finished until default timeout 90 sec.

I tried to switch sddm to sddm-git from AUR, it solved the issue for me.

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That is my own setup: I installed Manjaro KDE normally, added the plasma-wayland package to get its option as a session in SDDM, then login by selecting Plasma (Wayland) at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

With login the slowdown is that the splash screen shows a lot longer, it’s about 3 seconds on X11 but some 10 seconds on Wayland. With shutdown is that it sits in the console on the “system will poweroff / reboot now!” message for over a minute for no clear reason (nothing else is printed in the meantime) before finally rebooting or shutting down correctly.

The fact that the Git version of SDDM seems to fix this is good news: Should mean it might be resolved in a coming update. I will follow the progress for any changes after the next snapshot.

Do you use plymouth ?

I have no issue with bootsplash-systemd and bootsplash-manager, but it does not support LUKS encryption at boot.

You mean the boot splash screen? Whatever is the default, I think for grub2 it’s plymouth so likely yes. Even if I haven’t seen it in ages: Since I put Manjaro on an SSD / NVME booting is so fast there’s just a second of blackness and I’m already in SDDM.

The splash screen I was referring to in this case though is the KDE / Plasma one at login, after you write your password in SDDM. Obviously Wayland wouldn’t affect what happens before login as it’s a choice you make during the process.

Hi @Zesko, thank you very much for providing this solution, I was dealing with a one minute shutdown in KDE (boot up was fine) and removed quiet and splash from Grub as you recommended.
It works for me, the only downside is a verbose boot up and shutdown.

I did not yet try to switch sddm to sddm-git from AUR.
For one, I’ll have to figure out how (I’m sure a search of the forum will reveal the answer), but my question is what does this step do for you?

Will you be able to switch back to the quiet boot up and shutdown if you do so?

There’s no need to alter grub config in order to see these timeout messages. On Plymouth screen one can just hit ESC key to drop to tty. Same applies to startup process as well…

My post is old after 8 months.

You can add quiet and splash back in Grub config when using Plymouth. If shutdown takes long time, then press ESC key to disable animation of Plymouth and look at logs to find out which process is a problem.

I do not use heavyweight Plymouth for long time, because my boot up is too fast for Plymouth which shows less than 1 sec when using dracut instead of mkinitcpio. For this reason I have removed Plymouth.
A alternative to Plymouth is bootsplash-manager, but it is not supported by Manjaro Kernel 6.3+ except Manjaro Kernel 6.1 LTS.
I changed my mind and like to see logs with my nice custom font ter-220n in boot up and shutdown.

But how can you read anything even with big font if your boot time is as quick as you described it?
I use Plymouth for better looks of booting from encrypted partition (which slows boot times quite substantially) and also to see if any critical error occurs – in such a case errors will be shown despite Plymouth so it may catch my attention.

My custom boot-font ter-220n is not big in my 1440p monitor unlike default font that is too big.

Loading heavyweight Plymouth module delays long while booting from my unencrypted partition.
For example, what does boot time look like:

  • After Grub, black screen time ~3 sec + Plymouth screen time < 1 sec = ~4 sec boot time.
  • After Grub, the log screen starts immediately and displays logs for ~4 sec same boot time.
    I can quickly read a lot of green first words [ OK ] ... for 4 sec boot time and just ignore OK-messages.
    I can simply catch new error message with the red first word [FAILED] , later I will check it in journalctl.

Plymouth is suitable for encrypted partitions and displays a password prompt on my laptop.

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Understandable have a good day! :wink:

I reintroduced quiet and splash, did a Grub update and wouldn’t you know it, I no longer experience the one minute shut down. It shuts down very quickly now.
I can’t explain it but I’ll take it!