Very loud BEEP from internal speaker when restarting

On Manjaro KDE:

  • I click on the bottom-left corner of the screen
  • at the bottom of the menu I click Restart
  • then I click Restart or Ok

When I do this, the instant I click on Restart or OK, a hugely loud “beep” is emitted from the internal speaker despite the fact that I have external speakers connected and regardless of the current volume setting.

I think that’s an old-style “beeper” speaker that is separate from even the laptop’s built-in speakers (the ones from which you listen to music when you have nothing external connected), right?

Obviously, when you have a sound card and external or built-in hi-fi speakers working, no sound ever should under any circumstances be emitted by any other internal speaker of any kind, no matter what.

I am not asking for workarounds (which obviously are always welcome, especially because they have value in diagnosing the bug), I am reporting the bug so that it can be fixed, and I expect it to disappear when I install the system update that carries the fix.

run this command:

sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/nobeep.conf <<< 'blacklist pcspkr'


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Not a bug: No fix is required

You can expect this not to disappear without user intervention

PC speaker - ArchWiki


pay attention to that last paragraph in the ArchWiki, the bios responds with beeps to alert you of problems. Don’t disable the speaker.

POST beep codes are not affected by blacklisting pcspkr in Linux

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