Very high CPU usage and lag

Hello. I’m having some high cpu usage problem but only on the second core, and its making everything sluggish. simple things like typing commands in terminal have extreme input lag. my laptop is overheating and i’ve spent 2 weeks digging on the internet and asking but unfortunately no solutions.

i have tried several ISOs, both regular and minimal ones (KDE, Gnome, XFCE), this time i used architect ISO and the problem still persists. so all DEs are having this issue. Though other distros like Ubuntu or Fedora don’t have this issue

Cpu0 is usually at 2%, Cpu1 is always above 70%. My system is up to date

os: Manjaro Linux x86_64 (stable)
Kernel: 5.9.16-1-MANJARO
DE: XFCE 4.16
machine: hp laptop 15-da0xxx
memory: 4gb
cpu: Intel Celeron N4000 (2) @ 2.600GHz
storage: 1tb HDD

Which process is using the CPU?

I really can’t tell. The highest cpu demanding process was the xfce terminal it self (~3.4%), xfsettingsd (~0.8%), systemd (~0.5%)

In my previous install with gnome, gnome-shell was the highest, peaking at 5% cpu usage.

Thats why this has been so hard for me to troubleshoot because nothing suspicious is appearing on any system monitors. I tried to upload image attachments and links to imgur screenshots of htop, top, atop, neofetch, and stacer but couldn’t. :frowning:

Without htop results, sorted by CPU time, or glances result (same sorting), we can’t help.

Why would that be?

It’s as simple as clicking Upload button.

That’s because you are new. Spend some time here and read TL1 (trust level), then you are able upload and post links.

A little trick: Upload the pictures somewhere else and post it code formatted like this:

it have to be surrounded by 2 backticks: `mylink`