Vertical purple lines on screen cinnamon


When I restart my computer - running Manjaro cinnamon - I tend to get graphical issues like seen on the photo below. It usally gets fixed my rebooting the machine a couple of times, but it is very annoying. Wonder if someone has had the same issue and knows how to fix it. My laptop is a XPS 13 9360.

This looks like a hardware defect to me?
Did you try with a live version of manjaro and check if this problem also occurs? If so, hardware defect. If not a software problem, could be a driver problem.

I have tested by installing Mint on the laptop, and I did not have that issue there, so I doubt that it’s a HW issue.

Not going to say anything for certain yet, but I think I solved the problem. I went into bios and disabled the ton and tpm 2.0 security. After that I have restarted the computer several times without this issue.

The previous thought “solution” did not work.