Versioning in pacman

the current version of VLC is 3.0.16-2(pacman). What does the -2 stand for in the version as in the website:, it only list 3.0.16. Same for many packages.

the -number is the package build number - so the number two designates the second time the package was build.

The build can happen for several reasons - often it is required when depending arch system libraries has been updated.


Are some packages packaged by arch not repackaged by manjaro and released after testing?
for example vlc is packaged by

Some packages comes directly from Arch repo as there is no need to repackage everything.

Also several Arch specific packages like kernels, kernel-headers and kernel modules and specific drivers are never synced to Manjaro repo but built by Manjaro team members or lately the buildbot.

You can always see from the packager email - if it contains then it is a build specifically for Manjaro. Some packages only available on Arch if built from AUR may be present in Manjaro repo because they are providing functionality used by Manjaro maintainers.

Also pls explain how how there is some proprietary software in pacman

Im not talking about essential system packages(like drivers) I’m talking about software like discord, Opera, etc.

This is out of scope for the original topic.

Why should Manjaro explain that - it only leads to flamewars - and we don’t like that!

If you want a libre system use Trisquel or Parabola or something similar … there is enough choices.

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