Version number hard to find

On the website I can’t find what the current version is for download. I eventually found that if I hovered over the download links I could see the version in the URL.

On Manjaro itself I don’t see the version number in the settings. It shows lots of other versions, like KDE Plasma Version, Frameworks, Qt, Kernel, but not the Manjaro version. Show more information also doesn’t reveal it. Apparently I either have to cat /etc/lsb-release, or open the Manjaro Hello program to find the version.

My suggestion is to list the version number on the website download page, and in the About this System page in the GUI.

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Hi @blargg, and welcome!

Manjaro is a rolling-release, and as such there isn’t really different versions. When you upgrade you are on the most recent and current release.


Please also see

While it is true:

The versions just reflects the current iso versions…

What you mean, must be for example in gnome-control-center this here:

It retrieves the name form /etc/os-releases

Would be eventually a good idea to see what the current name and version is… since Manjaro Team advertises it in CodeNames and Versions…

Maybe like this (by updating the pretty name):

$ cat /etc/os-release 
NAME="Manjaro Linux"
PRETTY_NAME="Manjaro Ruah"


However… just an idea. lsb_release gets updated, but not os-release. So might be an idea to update it here also.

You can also find the version in Manjaro Hello which normally should be installed by default.