Verification of gpg signature of manjaro xfce minimal LTS

I am new to linux and have successfully verified checksum of iso image file (i.e. manjaro-xfce-21.1.5-minimal-211008-linux54 ) with the help of user guide. Now i am stuck as i don’t know how to verify gpg signature of the iso file as no information is given regarding it in the user guide.
I wish to know the stepped procedure (for windows users who want to switch) as i am totally new to Manjaro but i really need a genuine manjaro os installed on my machine so as to avoid authenticity issues.

Have you tried wiki How-to verify GPG key of official .ISO images - Manjaro ?


Yes but no response …

If the image passes the checksum found on the download page - it is 99.9% unaltered.

Yes, gpg signature is to verify that you are downloading from the correct source.

Thanks for the answers but if I wish to learn about this signature verification in detail how can I do it ( on Windows ) ???