Veracrypt can't mount with kernel crypto anymore

I rebooted today and found that my veracrypt volume which usually mounts on boot, is failing to mount.

Error: device-mapper: reload ioctl on veracrypt1  failed: Invalid argument

This usually indicates that veracrypt couldn’t use the kernel crypto services to decrypt the volume. So I tried mounting it with -m=nokernelcrypto, and it works.

Here are the attributes of the volume:

Algorithm: AES
Primary Key size: 256bits
Secondary Key Size (XTS Mode): 256 bits
Block Size: 128 bts
Mode: XTS
Volume format verson: 2

It sure looks like the kernel supports everything I need:

» grep name /proc/crypto |grep aes
name         : __xts(aes)
name         : cbc(aes)
name         : ccm(aes)
name         : ctr(aes)
name         : cbcmac(aes)
name         : cmac(aes)
name         : __ecb(aes)
name         : gcm(aes)
name         : rfc4106(gcm(aes))
name         : __gcm(aes)
name         : __rfc4106(gcm(aes))
name         : xts(aes)
name         : ctr(aes)
name         : cbc(aes)
name         : ecb(aes)
name         : __xts(aes)
name         : __ctr(aes)
name         : __cbc(aes)
name         : __ecb(aes)
name         : aes
name         : aes

I’m posting here in case there was a change in the most recent kernel updates. Pacman log says I had an update a couple of weeks ago to linux58 (5.8.6-1 -> 5.8.11-1). Veracrypt hasn’t been updated in over a month, so I doubt that’s the issue.

Any ideas?

(cross posted to Can't mount veracrypt volume using kernel crypto anymore · Issue #692 · veracrypt/VeraCrypt · GitHub )

EDIT: added link to the GH issue