Ventoy stick does not boot my Manjaro PC

I created Ventoy multiboot USB stick using Manjaro PC 21.3.7 with kernel 5.15.60-1 and LUKS. Ventoy versio is 1.0.79 and updated with sudo ventoy -u /dev/sdX. This Ventoy stick has only .iso files of different OS’s.

This Ventoy stick works OK on Ubuntu 22.04 / Windows dual boot PC (here both OS’s are on separate SSD’s, Ubuntu with LUKS) and Fedora 36 PC with LUKS.

But with this Manjaro PC with Ventoy stick connected I cannot change boot order from F9 (Boot order) but I can change boot order from BIOS advanced settings. In both these cases booting from Ventoy stick does not start and screen remains black. Booting of this Manjaro PC from traditional live USB with a only single OS takes place normally including change of boot order directly from F9 (i.e. without changing boot order via BIOS advanced settings.

Any ideas what I could try to circumvent this odd situation and to get this Ventoy multi boot stick booting also in Manjaro PC ?

Booting a usb has nothing to do with (any) OS. I also don’t understand what’s “with LUKS”.

Neither LUKS nor the installed operating system(s) has any bearing on how a given system can be started.

The system in question decides whether or not it will boot to any given device and how it will be done.

F9 is not an universal key - it depends on the system - whether the specific key will work - check with the system manual to find which key the system is designed to use.

@linux-aarhus Thank you for reply ! I mentioned LUKS just to avoid possible questions/discussions about it around this issue.

I understand your wording ‘the system in question decides’ means, that this particular PC with any OS is capable to accept only traditional live USB with single iso only, but it cannot accept Ventoy multi boot stick. Is this correct understanding ? :grinning:

Yes. Or you might need to change bios settings, disable legacy or whatever.

Also see this: legacy_limit . Ventoy

@zbe Thank you for reply and advice. I tried to understand the link you provided. My Ventoy multi boot stick in question is MBR with capacity only 16 GB. So BIOS legacy limitation for Ventoy sticks above 256 GB is not valid here. And partition 2 size created by Ventoy installation is 34 MB.

If the USB stick works in other computers, seems to me that the stick is correctly created.

To boot from a USB stick, the operating systems already in the computer doesn’t affect at all. Ubuntu, Windows, Manjaro, LUKS, no LUKS, … nothing of that affects to boot from an external device (USB, CD/DVD, network, …)

So what you have is a computer problem regardless of the installed system. Maybe this computer have legacy boot disabled and can not boot your Ventoy (as it is created in BIOS mode). Have you tried other bootable USB sticks with this computer?

Also, does this computer use a different key than F9 to show the boot menu? Maybe that’s why it doesn’t work

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@cfinnberg Thank you for reply and advice.

In this computer with Ventoy stick connected does does not allow to change boot order and does not boot. The same happens with Ventoy stick created with secure boot or without. And this same happens also when only one OS is in Ventoy stick.

Boot order in this computer can be changed either directly via F9 (which opens boot order menu) or non-directly via BIOS settings. With Ventoy stick connected neither of them work: via F9 boot order menu does not even show up and changing boot order via BIOS settings does not solve booting problem, i.e. booting does not start and screen remains black.

But - as I told earlier - in this computer traditional live USB with single OS (disc image) works fine. Therefore, I guess it is correct to mark this issue as Solved. :grinning:

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