Vbox Mac Host Manjaro KDE 20.1.1 Guest Shared folders problem

I’ve gotten a KDE DE up and running but when I try to open my folder I get a message "Could not display “/media/sf_macbookpro”. The location is not a folder.

I’m using Nemo for the file manager, as Dolphin did not show the shared folder.

I’ve added myself to the vboxsf group, and if I enter the /media/sf_macbookpro folder via root permissions in my file browser (nemo), I can see the folder with permissions:
owner =root create and delete files
group= vboxsf create and delete files

If I open the folder, I can see my subfolders and files, but I get an error if I try to open a file (in this case a .jpg, I get an Error-Okular "Could not open admin:///media/sf_macbookpro/. Reason: Unable to create io-slave, klauncher said: Unknown protocol ‘admin’

I’m trying to learn a bit about kde, so I don’t know much. I have run Gnome for a while, and have it installed on a virtual machine on the same computer, and it mounts the sf just fine.

Would sure like any help that can be offered.

I’m running kernel 5.8.11-1 on this system. Vbox guest was installed by removing the distro supplied guest (to stop the flickering) and reinstalling and rebuilding header modules via the Vbox Guest additions ISO.
Shared clipboard and USB access works fine.