V2ray package - how to actually setup the proxy client on Manjaro and the server?

I am having small issue with shadowsocks-qt5 (no longer maintained) proxy software, memory usage seems high.
So i was checking for an alternative and seen @Twifty mentioned v2ray (platform for building proxies, may be faster than SS), installed the package using “pamac install v2ray”, found how to create .json config files per Install · Project V Official and include it as a -c parameter, but it does not seem to have GUI or not running as a service. So i guess i would have to manually setup cronjob/monitoring script or somehow discover how to setup the service and keep it always running. :-/
install instructions:
V2Ray - ArchWiki
Install · Project V Official
Installation | V2Ray Beginner's Guide
(not sure the difference between fly and ray, it is a mess)
there are some install scripts too:

  1. GitHub - v2fly/fhs-install-v2ray: Bash script for installing V2Ray in operating systems such as Debian / CentOS / Fedora / openSUSE that support systemd
  2. https://git.io/v2ray.sh (mentioned at How to Setup your own V2Ray – A Step by Step Guide – Privacy Melon )

so the questions is how to properly install Manjaro client and on Ubuntu or CentOS the server as a non stop running service. Anyone have opinion about this or even experience to share how to proceed?

As an alternative to shadowsocks/VPN i was also checking https://getoutline.org (in AUR i have found outline-client-appimage).

The client and server are the same program. V2fly is a community version that is still maintained.
If you want to install the v2ray client, you can install
(maintained by v2fly), then configure config.json. Or you can use the GUI client: Qv2ray

As mentioned above, both client and server are the same package. The community version includes the systemd files required for running the client/server as a service. You don’t really need a GUI, just follow the guides on https://www.v2fly.org and manually edit the .json config file.

Install with pacman -S v2ray, edit the config at /etc/v2ray/config.json, test the config file with v2ray -test -config /etc/v2ray/config.json. To start the service use systemctl enable v2ray && systemctl start v2ray.

I have my config set to open 6 local SOCKS5 servers, each of which is routed to a different VPN on my remote servers. I’ve also installed the ‘SmartProxy’ extension in firefox with which I am able to quickly switch between VPNs. Previously, I had configured a system wide proxy with dockodemodoor, but with system updates and torrenting, my servers bandwidth limit was quickly exceeded.

If you have any further/specific questions, please just ask them here.

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