UTorrent(winde) download cannot locate

Hello good day to all.
I have a huge problem and it’s been to days from now I’ve been searching how to get my download from the utorrent. I cant even see it on snap folder. Pls I need help I am currently downloding an iso file for windows 8 because I was not able to load the windows 10 properly on my laptop. I cannot locate my download windows 8 iso file in my utorrent(wine). Im using manjaro stable

Utorrent is malware :confused:

Use qbittorrent as an alternative. it should work and not need wine


Check winecfg to see how your partitions are mapped. Alternatively, sniff through ~/.wine/dosdevices , then compare with utorrent configuration to guess where the files went.

Linux has excellent native clients. Piracy is strongly discouraged. Please download only legal content :pirate_flag:
uget+aria2c (advanced users)
fragments (flatpak, may require flatpak-overrides to access directories outside home)

Transmission is my favorite, lightweight and powerfull

Use transmission my friend, It doesn’t have ads on it and has the code open for everybody to look