Using Wine windows program loader with command line options


I am using Manjaro with Cinnamon DE.
I have installed wine, so I can run windows programs.
With right click on the exe the program starts and run well.
There is a setting on this program to start at double-clock on that with Wine windows program loader.
How start the program with command line options?

Hi @ZaeNae ,
I do not know much about Cinnamon, but under settings you can surely find the mouse and touchpad icon to solve the double-click problem. I wonder whether is an executable MS file, in that case with a right clik on the program and then selecting Open with Wine may be enough.
The other answer depends whether you have installed the program or not.

On the terminal you could run: wine program options, as is written in the wine man page. You could read the manual by just open a terminal and execute man wine.

Hope this help, regards

Hi @j8a ,
I know I can run the program by right click on that. That is OK, but after the right click how can i enter the command line options?
I tried to run from terminal, but the program or the wine or something else immediatly crashed.
But with simple right click or simple double click works well.
So the question, how can use the Wine windows program loader from terminal?

Yes, select wine as default application

Try by writing commands where I have evideced in red

That what I want to know.
What is the path & name in the terminal the Wine windows program loader…
I would try to write in, but what?

Look at the package content from the graphical package manager, the stuff installed under /usr/bin

Can’t help with that

I suggest launching the exe from the terminal to see what error give

the path is in the address bar in your picture
/home/fabio/.wine/drive_c/… and last the name of the .exe file
You will have to enclose it in " " since there is a whitespace in the path name (actually: more than one).

or like this, escaping every single whitespace:
/home/fabio/.wine/drive_c/GOG\ Games/Port\ Royale\ 2/name_of_the_executable

That is not the Wine windows program loader. That is an actual windows program.

I know.
You asked for the path.
and I didn’t catch the program name in your picture - it is: PR2
as I see now
You would start the windows program “PR2.exe” in a terminal like this:

wine /home/fabio/.wine/drive_c/GOG\ Games/Port\ Royale\ 2/PR2.exe

or like this:
wine "/home/fabio/.wine/drive_c/GOG Games/Port Royale 2/PR2.exe"

… or I misunderstood what you wanted to do …

I didn’t send any picture. Lolix was who sent.
I tried to start it from terminal. The screen became black and the program freezes.
There is a error message box but I can’t catch what that shows.

Ah, sorry. That escaped my attention.
So I detailed how to start, from a terminal, the program @Lolix showed in his picture.

Can’t do that for yours because we don’t know where it is or it’s name.
But you can probably adapt the example …

If you don’t know the path, here is a way to find out
(apart from just reading it in the address bar of your file manager)

  • go to the program folder where you start it from
  • click on empty space and choose “open Terminal here”
  • in that terminal then, type:
    and that returns the path to your program (to the folder it is in)

If you right click on the icon and choose “Properties”
it should also tell you the full path.

The place where is the Wine windows program loader takes place isn’t equal the place where the windows program takes place. So, that would be futile to open terminal there.
One more time.
There is utility named Wine windows program loader. It is shipped with the wine packege, I think.
The Desktop Environment is able to run a windows program in collaboration with wine.
That is the Wine windows program loader.
I am investigating which program is hiding behind the scenes.
Unfortunately, the wine documentation pages didn’t give any sign where should found that.
So, I am looking for the solution what program runs in the background when I right click on a windows program, the Cinnamon proposes to me the Wine windows program loader and i use that.

That program is called “wine” :wink:
It is part of the wine (same name) package, which contains this and other programs.

If you have a look at the properties of your shortcut, it should tell you which command is executed when you click on it.

If you, in a terminal, type
wine /path/to/your/program
then that (windows) program is executed - with the help of wine

the program
is installed in /usr/bin - like most of the other linux programs that are installed in your system
It is therefore in your $PATH
and you can execute it by just typing it’s name
and you give it the path to the windows program that you want it to run for you as an argument.

Since windows folders and/or directories often contain spaces, the path you write needs to be enclosed in quote marks (" ")
or the spaces need to be otherwise escaped - like already said above.

If that above does not contain at least a hint to answer your questions
then I completely fail to grasp what your actual question is.

You seem to be looking for an elusive “Wine windows program loader”
but will not believe that that is … wine. :wink:

Yeah. I executed this command: wine “path/where/win/exe/lives/exename”
I got a black frozen screen.
So, Wine windows program loader does something else.
But what?

A few months ago,
in a thread about something else
you posted the contents of one of your shortcuts,
(maybe it is even the same program)

Within it you find the full and complete command that is executed when you click that shortcut:

Exec=env WINEPREFIX="/home/myuser/.wine" wine C:\\\\windows\\\\command\\\\start.exe /Unix /home/myuser/.wine/dosdevices/c:/ProgramData/Microsoft/Windows/Start\\ Menu/Programs/Gamestudio\\ A8/SED\\ Script\\ Editor.lnk

… full path to the program, parameters and all

This specific one is rather complicated
as it calls the program as if you opened the start menu in windows, then select the program, then click on it to start it.
… which is more complicated than it needs to be

anyway …

When you run it from a terminal,
as you did,
you can see the messages (probably quite a lot) which can help figuring out what went wrong.

You can (and probably should) first run
and choose to run the wine app in a window instead of full screen
This might make it easier to act on the app when it does not work - just close the window …

I am using more wineprefixes. Actually that older post may belongs to another one.
But anyway, why not? I give a try…

Frankly, the real solution would to know what happens inside the system when I right click on a windows program and select the Wine windows program loader.