Using WebDAV with Thunar and Xfce

I’m looking to move from Manjaro Plasma to Manjaro Xfce and, before I install the iso, I’m just wondering how best to use the webDAV protocol with Xfce and the Thunar file manager.

A quick internet search turns up some results on using dav2fs, but these results are pretty old and searching the Manjaro forum here suggets that dav2fs is no longer in the Manjaro repos. Is webDAV supported by Thunar out of the box like Dolphin now or perhaps there is a better option than building dav2fs from the AUR?

Mounting WebDav in Thunar is very simple. Just type davs:// in the address bar.

In the background, Thunar uses gvfs to mount the WebDav folder. The password can be saved in your keyring if you want.


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