Using NTFS on Manjaro

Since Linux 5.15, ntfs3 provides read and write support for the file system. All officially supported kernels with versions 5.15 or newer are built with CONFIG_NTFS3_FS=m and thus support it.

Does Manjaro supports this? How to disable the ntfs-3g in the old versions of Manjaro? Can I uninstall it?

I use dual-boot and I need to use my Windows disks.

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If you’re using 5.15, then yes.

You don’t have to. You simply don’t have to use it anymore. Use ntfs3 as the filesystem type for those partitions in /etc/fstab. The mount options will probably still remain the same.

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nope, some ntfs-3g compatible mount options are not anymore with ntfs3, only the standard options and the ones referenced in the ntfs3 documentation will work.

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I find that if I uninstall ntfs-3g, the NTFS partition on my laptop can be read and write freely, but the NTFS portable hard-disk cannot be mounted. I still need ntfs-3g