Using Joycons on Linux machine

I am planing to buy Joycons for my desktop PC, I was interested how do you connect them to Linux machine and I can’t find a tutorial for that, I either find tutorial for pro controller or some really hard for me to understand stuff like kernel modules, etc. I am a noob in these stuff.
I would be really happy if someone could link or make an easy tutorial. I read that overtime it got easier to connect but I don’t know if I just connected and that’s it or have to download some software or maybe something else.

You have a plan, and your plan is to buy unsupported (as far as I know) hardware? Why would you go that route? Can’t you buy something that would work out of the box guaranteed?

Anyway, if you want to go the unsupported route, you have some reading to do: Gamepad - ArchWiki

I mean are there any other pads like this?