Using Deepin Manjaro DE? Stable? Safe?

Hi there,
I recently checked out Deepin (distro) and I thought that its design was really beautiful. I wanted to make sure whether there is a stable and safe version out for Manjaro Deepin 20 DE. What are the steps to “applying it” as I’ve never applied a Desktop environment before.

I’m currently using Deepin as my Desktop Environment and from my perspective, in comparison to kde or gnome it’s like day and night in terms of easiness of use, out of the box experience and overall appearance. Unfortunately tho, currently there are remarkably more bugs to deal with, they are not extremely critical but are definitely annoying.

If you want to switch, you can either reinstall manjaro entirely using the latest alpha ISO or install deepin packages on top of your current install and do some configuration manually.

Are there like instructions on to how to install the ISO or install it on top of my current desktop?

I think you might want to read this:

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