Using CEMU w/ Steam Link

Hi Everyone,

On my Manjaro computer I created a “non-Steam game” link that launches a ROM through Cemu.exe. I also have a nVidia Shield TV where my Xbox One S controller is connected via Bluetooth. While I’m able to use Steam Link on my TV to connect to my computer and launch the game with no problems, CEMU will not register any inputs from my controller. My setup is the following:

  • CEMU was installed on my computer using Lutris
  • Cemu.exe is added to Steam directly as a non-steam game, with the latest version of Proton forced in the compatibility settings. (This makes CEMU run in Proton instead of Lutris/Wine, which I believe is required in order to use Steam Link?)
  • CEMU launches and runs in Proton, Breath of the Wild seemingly runs perfectly
  • I have the xpadneo package installed, and my Xbox One S controller maps to CEMU with no issues if I connect the controller directly to the computer via Bluetooth.

I’m not sure if I’m just missing something here, but I’m not sure why my controller inputs won’t register to CEMU when passing them through Steam Link. Once the game launches I have to soft close the game in order to access the CEMU settings app, and attempt to map the controller, so I’m not sure if the Steam Link inputs aren’t making it to this settings Window? I don’t know enough about controllers on Linux to troubleshoot this myself, but this process does work on my Wife’s Windows 10 computer with no issues. So this should be possible in theory …

Thank you! Any help or troubleshooting advice would be appreciated! I figured I would post here since my situation seems pretty niche, none of the other posts or articles I’ve found on this subject end up including Steam Link.