User's bashrc ignored

It seems my bashrc file is ignored. I’ve made several changes and none take effect.
What I type to change it is …

kate ~/.bashrc

This is a new installation of Manjaro KDE.
I’ve read several posts about this and I’m sure I’m using bash.
When I type

echo $SHELL

the answer is


When I type

which $SHELL

the answer is the same.

I have also made several changes in /root/.bashrc and all have taken effect perfectly.
I mean, if I type


I see the prompt I want.

Any ideas? What do I have to do to change my user’s bashrc?

Thanks in advance!

You need to relog for variables to change.

So log out, then back in.

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If you use the KDE terminal emulator you might using zsh. The $SHELL variable is not really reliable in these situations.


It was not bash.
It was zsh.
I’ve changed and now it works.
Thanks a lot!

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