User Directories

Which programs use the Templates and Public directories listed in XDG user directories? Will those programs break if I remove Templates or Public? Is Public configured to be ‘shared’ or visible to other users locally/remotely by xdg-user-dirs or another program?

man user-dirs.*
man xdg-user-dir*

So, if they are bothering you that badly, just delete them.

Be aware that if you don’t modify your config (see your link), they will get recreated at every login.

On KDE from memory if you delete these folders it does not recreate when you login. I remove these folders, on every KDE install I made. I think it uses the home folder itself when you delete them.

You can delete them. But they’ll come back if you run xdg-user-dirs-update
What I got:

$ cat /etc/xdg/user-dirs.defaults
# Default settings for user directories
# The values are relative pathnames from the home directory and
# will be translated on a per-path-element basis into the users locale
# Another alternative is:
$ xdg-user-dirs-update --force
$ cd; rm -rf Desktop Downloads Templates Public Documents Music Pictures Videos

Then edit Each of those links in Dolphin manually to point to the new folder.

I asked 3 questions above, I’m really only concerned about one question:
I’d like to know which programs use TEMPLATES and PUBLICSHARE. There’s got to be something that uses TEMPLATES in KDE.